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Raymond R. Poirier - List of References

List of What Recent References Have Said About Me:

Corey Nykamp
Consumers Power CRB and WAM Application Lead.
Ph: 517-768-3279
Cell: 517-262-9200
"Ray served as the Consumers Power CRB Applications Portfolio lead for HCL America that was under contract to Consumers Energy for the Daily maintenance and enhancement of Consumers CR&B SAP Applications including CRM, Device Management, Billing, Rate and FICA work streams. Ray team also supported various other applications including our Genesys IVR call management systems and a wide array of other support applications. Ray took over the portfolio with no structure to the team and an inability of HCL to performed and delivery work to our applications in an organized or effective manner. Ray's organization and stream lining of the processes, identification and plugging of resources gaps based on the technology and in educating our organization into the ticket management and prioritization process was instrumental in making the CRB Portfolio from a underperforming Portfolio to the most effective portfolio with the largest work load within Consumers Power." October 2012

Hemanth Kumar
"Ray served as the developed and delivery manager to educate a company on SAP, its core Modules and an array of sub modules for a Planned ERP implement at Ray Connect. He also developed an presented a wide arrangement of content of Program Management, Change Management and Software development methodologies including Waterfall, Agile, etc.."

Dr. Earl Robinson Jr.
Chief Executive Officer and Majority Owner Lean Transformations L.L.C.
"Ray and I first met through the University of Phoenix MBA program as one of Ray's University Professors. I found through this experience that Ray retains a very unique skill set and through understanding of business enterprises and operational improvement from both a transactional and physical change perspective. Jointly we started a small consulting firm with the main emphasis on helping minority organizations to improve the operational effectiveness. We developed an enterprise hybrid improvement business model that uses Lean Six Sigma practices and tools for improving not only the physical operational environment of our clients, but also the combining the use of these LSS tools and practices by applying them to the organizations IT Business Enterprise Solutions and Product development and engineering organizations. Our model helped clients establish a three pronged Change Management approach that included optimization of the Product Change Management, (An area of a organization that typically governs the rate of change), the Physical Operational Effectiveness Change Management (the area of the company where people touch the product) and the Transactional Operational Effectiveness Change Management (the area of the company where peoples communicate and share information throughout the enterprise that relate to the product or service they are managing). Although Ray and I chose different career paths after having success with the company, I would highly recommend him for any level of an organization in nearly any role due to his diverse product, process and industry exposure" January, 2010

Major Steven Gavin
(Client/Supervisor) who worked directly with you in DOD assignment
“Ray has been a critical member of the US Army MRAP Ground Combat vehicle organization. His diverse skill set and knowledge allow us to task Ray with various task across functional organization and disciplines when we were developing and establishing a staff for the engineering and logistical support of the MRAP program. Activities that Ray has been involved in include, Establishment of all Organizational change management systems and processes, the development of various strategies and writing of SOW language for establishing vehicle IDIQ contracts, STS Contracts, Component Repair Contracts, Contractor Logistics Support Contracts and Joint Logistical Support Contracts. In addition Ray has been the lead in standing up the US Army first deployment of a 3D Modeling PLM system and its associated business processes that connect to many other agencies, organizations within the DOD” November, 2009

Art Adlam
(Director of Engineering, 3D Modeling, PLM, Configuration and Data Management Systems
“Prior to my retirement from TARDEC, Mr. Poirier reported to me while I was on special assignment to the PM-MRAP office. At that time the office was involved in the expedited fielding of multiple configurations of MRAP systems. During that time Ray demonstrated excellent knowledge of system engineering principles and process improvement development. I believe he has the skills and perspective needed to perform the tasks required for this job. If you have any questions please feel free to call me” June, 2009

Sebastian Inovinniti
Peer Work Colleague
“Ray has served as an excellent mentor and coach in our effort to stand-up an enterprise Change Management and Product Lifecycle Management system for the US Army Ground Combat System organization. His extensive knowledge and his ability to access an organizations weakness, strengths and outline and implement an improvement strategy-plan are excellent. Ray’s strong operational level and knowledge of all functional areas of an organization and his ability to tie these activities into enterprise wide integrated level Information Technology solution while applying lean and six sigma concepts and practices at both the operational and in conjunction with an IT optimization solution is nothing short of world class” April, 2009