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Quality Engineering and Six Sigma Implementation

I will use my Six Sigma Black Belt knowledge and the Six Sigma DMAIC project focused approach to identify and eliminate quality defects in organizations or at suppliers. I combine the use of Six Sigma, Shannin Red X and Lean Enterprise tools to optimize an organizations performance. My Six Sigma knowledge includes the development and training of others in the use of the following tools and can be applied to any industry:

·  Defining Six Sigma Project Roles, Responsibility and Maximum Improvement Opportunities for reducing DPMO

·  Establishing a Project Management Plan for Six Sigma Projects

·  Development of Critical to Flow trees for CTS,CTQ,CTD,CTC,CTP areas.

·  Development and Implementation of Process Maps and SIPOCs

·  Development and use of Cause and Effect Diagrams

·  Development and use of Measurement System Analysis

·  Development and application of Capability Indices

·  Graphical Representations of Optimized Problem Areas and Improvements such as histograms, box and whisker plots, scatter diagrams, run charts,pareto charts, multi vari charts, etc

·  Training and use of statistical analysis tools such as identification of central tendencies, spread and dispersion and symmetry and skewness of data. I will use statistical tools and concepts such as central limit theorems, rolled throughput yield, confidence intervals, parametric and non-parametric hypothesis testing, correlation and regression analysis, FMEA, control charts, and plans for analyzing and resolving and eliminating quality defects.

·  Development of Design of Experiments models using Taguchi methods for either one factorial or two factorial DOE designs.