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Information technology Program Management, Product and Facility Management, ERP Systems, Enterprise Architecture and SDLC Capabilities

I use the ©Project Management Institute PMBOK® Body of Knowledge as the standard for managing projects. When allowable I manage projects using the criteria listed below which can be applied to any industry or project:

·  Project Plan Development

·  Implementation of an Integrated Change Control System

·  Project Scope Initiation

·  Project Scope Planning

·  Project Scope Definition

·  Project Scope Verification

·  Project Scope Change Control

·  Project Activity Definition

·  Project Activity Sequencing

·  Project Activity Duration estimating

·  MS Project Schedule Development

·  Project Schedule Control System

·  Project Resource Planning

·  Staff Acquisition Plan

·  Team Development Plan

·  Organizational Plan

·  Project Cost Estimating

·  Project Budgeting

·  Project Cost Control System Implementation

·  Project Quality Plan

·  Project Quality Assurance Plan

·  Project Quality Control Plan

·  Project Communications Plan

·  Project Information Distribution Plan

·  Project Performance Reporting Plan

·  Project Administrative Closure Plan

·  Project Risk Management Assessment

·  Project Risk Identification

·  Qualitative Project Risk Analysis

·  Quantitative Project Risk Analysis

·  Risk Response Plan

·  Risk Monitoring and Control Plan

·  Project Procurement Plan

·  Project Solicitation Plan

·  Assistance with Project Source Selection

·  Assistance with Contract Administration and Closeout

Program Management Methods Previously Used

PMI Method

·  Initiating

·  Planning

·  Executing

·  Controlling

·  Closing

DMAIC Method

·  Define

·  Measure

·  Analyze

·  Improve

·  Control

IBM Relational Unified Process Method

·  Inception

·  Elaborating

·  Construction

·  Transition

Agile Scrum/Sprint Method



·  Pre-Phase-Product Backlog

·  Development Phase-Game Phase

·  Postgame Phase-Closing Phase


·  Product Backlog

·  Sprint Backlog

·  Daily Scrum Meeting

·  Sprint Reviews

·  Sprint Reflection Meeting

XP-Extreme Programming

·  Exploration Phase

·  Planning Phase

·  Iteration Phase

·  Production Phase

·  Maintenance Phase

·  Death Phase

PMM-Project Portfolio Management-PMO-Method

·  Developing an IT portfolio management game plan

·  Planning the IT portfolio

·  Creating the IT portfolio

·  Assessing the IT portfolio

·  Balancing the IT portfolio

·  Communicating the IT portfolio

·  Developing and evolving IT portfolio governance and organization

·  Assessing IT portfolio management process execution

·  Decision trees

Key Risk Management Analysis Previous Performed for Projects

·  Loss of Availability Analysis

·  Loss of Integrity Analysis

·  Loss of Conformity Analysis

·  Risk Assumptions and Constraints Analysis

·  Natural Disasters Impact Analysis

·  Internal or Accidental Failure Analysis

·  Weighted Scoring Analysis

·  Red/Yellow/Green Categorization Analysis

Establishment of the project risk management approach.

·  Established the Risk context.

·  Risk identification.

·  Qualitative risk assessment.

·  Semi-quantitative risk assessment.

·  Risk treatment.

·  Risk Monitoring and review.

·  Risk Communication and reporting.

·  Risk Project Processes and Plan Development.

·  Contracts and risk allocation assessment

·  Market testing and outsourcing.

·  Public–private partnerships and private financing.

Key Project Management Planning Documents Previously Created for Projects:

·  Project Charters

·  Business Cases

·  Communication Plans

·  Staffing and Resource Plans

·  Incident Handling Plans

·  Problem Solving Escalation Plans

·  Change Management Plans

·  Configuration Management Plans

·  Data Management Plans

·  Project Quality Plans

·  Procurement Management Plans

·  Software Development Plans/System Design Plans


·  Standard and Specification Plans

·  Concept of Operations

·  Phase/Gateway Reviews

·  Project Closure Plan

·  Project Auditing Plan

Software Development and System Architectural Development Methods Used Previously

Key Software Development Methods for Software Application or Deployment Used

·  Agile

·  Incremental

·  Waterfall

·  Evolutionary

·  Spiral

Key Documents Previously Created for Defining Software Requirements:

·  Process Definition Documents

·  Enhancement Definition Documents

·  Interface Definition Documents

·  Migration Definition Documents

·  Report Definition Documents

System Engineering Model Method

System Engineering Model Method

System Architectural Development Frame Works Used Previously

Poldat Framework- Process, Organization and Location (Business Architecture) and Data, Applications and Technology (Systems Architecture). Poldat Framework

Zachman Framework

Zachman Framework

TOGAF Framework

TOGAF Framework

DIACAP Framework

DIACAP Framework

FISMA Framework

FISMA Framework

System Assessment Report Framework

System Assessment Report Framework

IT Governance Model Frameworks Previously Worked in as Team Member

IT System Auditing Cobit 4.0

IT System Auditing Cobit 4.0

IT Service Management ITIL3.0

IT Service Management ITIL3.0

The basics of project risk management.

·  The project risk management approach.

·  Establish the context.

·  Risk identification.

·  Qualitative risk assessment.

·  Semi-quantitative risk assessment.

·  Risk treatment.

·  Monitoring and review.

·  Communication and reporting.

·  Project processes and plans.

·  Simplifying the process.

·  Managing opportunities.

·  Other approaches to project risk management.

·  Contracts and risk allocation.

·  Market testing and outsourcing.

·  Public–private partnerships and private financing.

·  Technical tools and techniques.

·  Introduction to environmental risk management.

Part III: Quantification of project risks.

·  Introduction to quantification for project risks.

·  Cost-estimating case studies.

·  Capital evaluation for large resource projects.