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Information Assurance Analysis, Auditing, and Training

In today’s business world the effectiveness of an organization's information technology systems is critical to the success of the business. Understanding an organization's strengths and weakness in how information is processed to support operational objectives is critical. To analyze a how information is processed, I use the ©International Standards Institution of Governors IBOK® Body of Knowledge as the standard for assessing the effectiveness of an organization's information processing. I am a Certified Information Assurance Professional Trainer and Auditor and capable of training employees to perform assessments themselves to determine their organizations effectiveness in following and adhering to the fourteen common organizational domain security principles.

The Organization/Policy Domain

  • Security Policy
  • Security Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Asset Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Regulatory Compliance

The Administrative/Managerial Domain

  • Development Process Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security

The Operational/Technical Domain

  • Access Control
  • Operation/Network Security
  • Application and System Software Security
  • Risk Assessment and Control

The Community/Contextual Domain

  • Ethics