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List of Equipment

Raymond R. Poirier

 Specified, Maintained, Purchase or Implemented


Assembly Lines and Processes:

·         Front End Module Assembly Lines

·         Engine Assembly Lines

·         Automotive Paint Systems

·         Automotive Final Trim and Chassis Assembly Lines

·         Manual Based Engine Assembly Line with Multi and Single Spindle Torque

·         Sun Visor Assembly and Cloth Edge-folding

·         Cloth Die Cutting Machines

·         Automated Resistance Spot Welding ARS lines with Medar Weld Controllers

·         Wisne Inner to Outer Panel Robot Based Sheet Metal Door Assembly Lines

·         F Joseph Lamb Inner to Outer Panel Robot Based Deck Lid Assembly Lines

·         Inner to Outer Panel Robot Based Hood Assembly Lines

·         Underbody Weld Assembly Lines

·         Cross Member Robot Based Resistance and Arc Welding Assembly Lines

·         Robot Based Plasma Arc Cutting Cell

·         Small DC Motor Armature Winding and Assembly Cells

·         Small DC Motor Assembly and Test Cell

·         SMT Circuit Board Assembly and Test Line

·         Foam in Place Interior Trim Door Panel Assembly Cells

·         Foam in Place Headrest Assembly Lines

·         Kiefel Vacuum Form Interior Trim Door Panel Assembly Cells

·         Automotive Headliner Final Assembly Cells

·         Wiper Transmission Assembly Cells

·         Wiper Arm and Blade Assembly Cells

·         Washer Bottle Blow Molding and Assembly Cells


Building Facility Items:

·         Steam Boilers

·         Primary Switch Gear

·         Buss Duct Power Distribution Runs

·         Atlas Capco Oil Free Compressors to 300HP

·         Ingresoll Rand Compressors to 200HP

·         Sullair Compressors to 100HP

·         Building Lighting

·         Network and Phone runs

·         Video Equipment

·         Interrupt Free Office Power Distribution Runs

·         Purchased and Rented Trash Compactors

·         Man lifts

·         50 Ton Bridge Cranes

·         100 Ton and Less Fresh Air Make-up Units

·         Bulk Chemical Supply and Containment Areas

·         Fisher Scientific Laboratory Furniture

·         Equipment Ventilation Systems

·         Power Management Control Systems

·         Security Systems

·         Up to 50 Ton Chilled Water Supply System

·         HVAC Systems


Presses Molding and Metal Forming:

·         Kiefel Vacuum Forming

·         2000 Ton Niagara Stamping Restrike Press

·         White Compression Molding Presses

·         SRIM Molding with integrated Krauss Maffei Polyurethane metering system

·         Various Special Design Piercing Presses for Interior Trim Components

·         Hepburn Compression Molding Presses

·         High Tonnage Shears-Brakes and Pierce Presses


Injection Molding Equipment:

·         Nigata 200 Ton Injection Molding Presses

·         Cumberland Regrind Equipment

·         Mitusba Material Feed Distribution and Drying Systems

·         Re-Built Husky 1500 Ton Injection Molding Machine

·         Krauss Maffi Reaction Injection Molding Press for Body Quarter Panels

·         Linden Glass Additive Systems for RIM Fascia Presses


Polyurethane Rigid and Soft Foam Molding Equipment:

·         Hennecke (4) Stream Molding Equipment

·         Various Hydraulic Based Molding Clamps

·         Cannon (2) Stream Molding Equipment

·         Elastrogran (2) Stream Molding Equipment

·         Linden and Hennecke Bulk Material Supply Systems


Robots Applied:

·         Unimation 2000 and 4000 series Robots

·         ABB IRB 6, 60 and 90 Series robots

·         ABB IRB 2000-3000 Series Robots

·         Motoman Yasakwa ERC and MRC  Controlled Robots

·         Fanuc S010 with RJ-2 and RH Karel Controllers

·         Cincinnati Milacron T3 Electric Robots

·         Graco Paint Application robots

·         DeVilibiss Paint Application Robots

·         Various Special Design Pick and Place Robots for MH Applications



·         Gravity Feed Conveyors, Lifts, Meters, etc..

·         Flat Top Conveyors

·         Power and Free Conveyors

·         Monorail Conveyors

·         Cable Link Conveyors

·         Pallet Transfer Conveyors

·         Bosch Pallet Transfer Conveyors

·         Printed Circuit Board Anti Static Transfer Conveyors

·         Servo Driven Indexing Conveyors

·         Liner Induction Motor Transfer Conveyors

·         Belt Conveyors


Metal Removal Equipment:

·         Gardner Grinder

·         Mazak CNC Machines

·         OD and ID Surface Grinders

·         Chip and Mist Collection Systems

·         Mazak and Cincinnati 5 Axis CNC Mills

·         Le-blond Lathes


Processing Ovens:

·         Jensen

·         Grieve

·         Young and Burke

·         Infra Red and Ultra Violet


Water Jet Cutting Equipment:

·         Ingersoll Rand

·         Flow International


Quality Inspection Equipment:

·         Carl Ziess Laser Based CMM Measurement Equipment

·         Instron Pull Test


Tooling and Gages:

·         Soft Foam Cushion Molds

·         Headrest Foam in Place Molds

·         Ridge Foam Molds

·         Injection Molds

·         Insert Injection Molds

·         Compression Molds

·         Vacuum Forming Tools

·         Door Panel Injection Molded Substrate Molds

·         Transfer Stamping Dies

·         Progressive Stamping Dies

·         RIM Fascia Molds

·         Water Jet Cutting Fixtures

·         Sheet Metal Assembly Inspection Gages

·         Wiper Transmission Inspection Gages

·         Robot End of Arm Tooling with Break Away Sensors

·         Various Small Assembly Fixtures

·         Part Paint Carriers from Vehicle Assemblies to Small Parts

·         Gang Staplers

·         Water and Electric Mold Preheat Stations

·         Water Jet Trimming Fixtures

·         Headliner Compression Molds

·         Hot Melt Application Splashes


Maintenance Equipment:

·         Lathes

·         Bridgeport

·         Small Surface Grinders

·         Arbor Presses

·         Arc and Mig Welders

·         Sheet Metal Brakes

·         Sand Blasting Equipment

·         Co-2 Blasting Equipment

·         Digital Volt Meters, Oscilloscopes, Raytech Guns

·         Misc Hand Tools

·         Man lifts

·         JLG’s

·         Hilo

·         Misc. etc