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Product and Construction Cost Estimating

My product and construction costing estimating experience covers a wide variety of products and construction activities.I have developed cost estimating models, material take-offs etc. that have been used for a wide range of products and construction projects. I can use existing company models or estimating software packages, in addition, I can modify existing models to suit your specific product or service. I believe I am capable of performing product cost estimates on any product or service. Most of my models are based on Activity Based Costing methods and take into account all cost drivers in an organization that support the specific activity area. When I estimate the manufacturing or development of a new product or service, I apply Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing knowledge to the processes and products to ensure that the best possible price is being generated. This unique ability to perform cost estimates allows me to validate cost reduction opportunities to make sure that they make sense when applying lean practices and six sigma project solutions in other roles within the organization.

Typical Total Cost Drivers

  • Marketing and Sales Projection Inputs
  • Facilities Cost Inputs
  • Environmental and Safety compliance Cost Inputs
  • Manufacturing and Tooling Cost Inputs
  • Purchasing Supply and STA Cost Inputs
  • Financial Cost Inputs from Borrowing Money, Bonds, Stock Offerings
  • Logistics and Packaging Cost
  • Material Cost Inputs
  • Labor Cost Inputs
  • Information Technology Support and Technology Cost Inputs
  • Product Development/ Design/Validation Cost Inputs
  • Training Cost Inputs
  • Human Resource Cost Inputs
  • Quality Cost Inputs
  • Program Management Cost Inputs
  • VA/VE Contribution Cost/Savings Inputs
  • Engineering Change Inputs
  • Assumptions
  • Volume
  • Geography
  • In-Bound and Outbound Lead-times
  • Inventory levels
  • Standard/special order type
  • Product characteristics
  • Customer and vendor behavior
  • After-sale costs such returns, training, warranties, repairs
  • Fixed cost/variable cost/SGA