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APQP and PPAP Documentation Preparation

Anyone who has worked with the big three automakers understands that they must have detailed knowledge of the “Advanced Product Quality Planning System” APQP and the “Product Part Approval Process” PPAP. I have created and have been responsible for the customer interface in the development and creation of these documents numerous times, both as an individual and as a team member. I have provided these documents over a wide range of products and services. I have experience with developing this documentation in mid to late stream product development phases. To validate my understanding of these systems I have outlined below my understanding of these system. I was trained in the application of these tools through the AIAG ©Plexus Corporation five phase training model to insure that all aspects of the APQP and PPAP process are being followed. I am an expert in developing and creating this documentation.

APQP Requirements:

Phase I

  • Voice of the Customer Surveys
  • Business Plan Development
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Developing Program assumptions
  • Gathering Reliability Information
  • Obtaining Customer Inputs
  • Establishing Design Goals
  • Establishing Reliability and Quality Goals
  • Developing Preliminary BOM
  • Developing Preliminary Process Flow Charts
  • Developing Preliminary List of Special Characteristics
  • Developing Product Assumptions
  • Developing Management Support Presentations

Phase II

  • Developing DFMEA’s and DVP&R plans
  • Performing Design of Assembly Studies
  • Performing Design for Manufacturing Studies
  • Establishing and Conducting Design Reviews
  • Developing a Prototype Control Plan
  • Coordinating the Development of Engineering Drawings
  • Developing or Researching Engineering Specifications
  • Helping Develop and Establish Material Specifications
  • Establishing a Engineering Change Control System
  • Developing a New Equipment and Tooling List for both your company and planned supply base
  • Developing “Design To” List of Special Characteristics
  • Defining Gage Requirements
  • Establishing Team Feasibility and Management support

Phase III

  • Establishing Packaging Standards
  • Defining Quality System Requirements and Impacts
  • Developing Process Flow Charts
  • Developing Floor Plan Layout
  • Developing Characteristics Matrix
  • Developing PFMEA
  • Developing Pre Launch Control Plans
  • Developing Process Instructions
  • Developing Measurement System Analysis Plan
  • Performing Preliminary Process Capability Studies
  • Developing a Packaging Specification
  • Preparing for Management Support Review

Phase IV

  • Performing and documenting a Production Trail Run
  • Implementing Measurement System Plan and Tools
  • Performing Preliminary Process Capability Studies
  • Completing the PPAP package deliverables
  • Coordinating and documenting the final production validation testing
  • Performing a packaging effectiveness evaluation
  • Finalizing the Production control Plan
  • Finalizing the Quality Plan and Management Sign-off

Phase V

  • Establishing and implementing a variation reduction plan
  • Obtaining customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Obtaining and Documenting Delivery and Service performance

PPAP/APQP Requirements:

  • Developing and Maintaining Design Records
  • Organization and Follow-up on Engineering Change Documents
  • Obtaining Engineering Approval from Customers
  • Obtain or Develop the Final DFMEA
  • Obtain or Develop the Final Process flow Diagram
  • Obtain or Develop the Final Process FMEA
  • Obtain or Develop the Final Dimensional Results
  • Obtain or Develop the Final Material/Performance Testing Results
  • Perform the Initial Process Studies
  • Solidify the Measurement System Analysis Studies
  • Obtain Qualified Laboratory Documentation
  • Obtain or Develop Final Control Plan
  • Develop Part Submission Warrants
  • Develop and Obtain Data for Appearance Approval Reports
  • Develop or Create the Bulk Material Requirement checklist
  • Coordinate the Manufacture and Submittal of Sample Production Parts
  • Establishing and Maintaining Master Samples
  • Certification of all Checking Aids
  • Satisfying Specific Customer requirements as defined by AIAG standards